About Us

Mr. Haji Chhotu Khan, son of Mr. Khuda Baksh established Chhotu band in 1935 in the pink city of Rajasthan, Jaipur.

Mr. Chhotu Khan was passionate about music, thus he put in immense efforts in putting together a group of music players and made them into a band party. This band party played music for the various wedding functions and graced these wedding events with wishful band music.

Since this band party was recognized by the name of "Chhotus Band Party" so this band party was named as Chhotu Band. That time the traditional rituals and seasonal music with a local flavor in the Music, and combined religious tunes, were popularly played. At times, some popular hindi Songs were also played by the band. Chhotu band participated and played officially for these processions and the band party included band players from different districts / villages / areas of Jaipur and Rajasthan at large. This band party now consisted of well-trained band players playing music ranging from hindi films, traditional music and religious recitals to other popular music.

Mr. Khan intelligently made them to practice the music for impeccable quality of delivery and dress them in smart band uniform, making them an attraction. This tradition of practice and designer uniform is carried forward over the years and practiced by the band party till date.The Band now played during Weddings and other Social Engagements – but also played during important social processions, marches, etc. and was socially rewarded.

Inspite of many bands in the Jaipur, Chhotu band has made a special place for itself. Chhotu band travels anywhere, any city or state with its latest equipments, artists and melodious tune for its fans! Chhotu band is the undisputed king of bands and the oldest in the Jaipur city. There are so many families in Jaipur where Chhotu band is playing in weddings, child birth or any special occasion for their last four generations.

Chhotu band is the symbol of happiness time for many families. In a marriage, many grooms riding on a horse chariot like to see Chhotu band walking in front when going to bring his bride and guests like to dance on the music of Chhotu band only!

Haji Chhotu Khan

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